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Visual controls are a key principle of Lean Thinking. Visual Management’s intention is set up your workplace with signs, labels, color-coded marks, etc … so that anyone in the process can, quickly, know what is happening, understand the process, what is being done correctly and what is out of place, meeting the requirements and quality control.

wrenchImagesVisual mangment develops visual and visual controls for all types of business. These visual and controls help keep things running as efficiently as they were designed for. The exchange of information through visual tools helps keep production running smoothly and safely. Workshop equipment are often involved in the development and implementation of these tools through continuous improvement activities such as 5S and others.

Visual controls help describe the safety at work, the performance of production, material flow, quality metrics, or any other information.

An efficient factory with visual controls allow employees immediately know when, how and where a process is developed. In this way allows people operating the process to maintain the target production and development.

Visual Management helps you to:

  • Knowing what is happening in the ongoing work
  • Plugs recognize workflow
  • Comply with Labor Standards
  • Maintain optimal inventory levels
  • Identify defects and waste
  • See deviations from standards and policies
  • Regulates the workflow

Some of our services

Visual instructions

Instructions process development and simple and visual forms.

Signboards and Signage

Signs visual control professionals.

Metrics and Reporting

Visual development metrics easy to interpret.

Color Codes

Creating a color code that everyone understands and can identify.

Marked on the floor

Indicates that belongs to that place.

Visual procedures (Standard Works)

Text and images to describe the process right where the action takes place.

Communication boards

Patterns of visual communication boards for any team or work area

Shadow Boards

Delineated around an article to identify the place of belonging.

Uniform Design

Design and selection of uniforms that meet the requirements

Graphic design for corporate communication

Graphic design of all internal and external communication. Human Resources and Sales Communication Support.

Corporate Brand Management

Handling graphics applications maintaining standards of use of the mark.


Andons are a devices to indicate that the process has stopped for some reason.


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