ProExCorp E-Learning Online


  • STRATEGIC SERVICES to design and delineate a plan to implement effectively Lean, Six Sigma or any continuous improvement strategies and programs.
  • TOTAL MANAGEMENT of your continuous improvement program to assure cultural transformation & sustainable results.
  • TRAINING & CERTIFICATION through onsite programs to educate and develop your associates with the most comprehensive Lean and/or Six Sigma continuous improvement body of knowledge.
  • CONSULTING SERVICES to perform continuous process improvement projects to

    reduce operational costs, improve product and service quality, and increase profitability.

  • ASSESSMENT SERVICES to evaluate the effectiveness of your current systems in order to understand strengths and opportunities, and to develop an improvement road map.
  • SUPPLIER DEVELOPMENT to implement Lean/ Six Sigma continuous improvement at your suppliers to help them reduce operational costs, improve quality & delivery performance.
  • TACTICAL SERVICES such as definition of business case, data collection, statistical analysis, identification of problems and its causes, improvements and controls.


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