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We are the Best Lean Consultants in Puerto Rico!

Professional Excellence Corp. gives the necessary practical coaching and guidance of Lean, Six Sigma and Quality improvement tools effectively. We educate how to operate in the most efficient and effective organization possible way, with the least cost and eliminating operational wastes.

Professional Excellence Corp. facilitates project(s) as independent professional consultant(s) and served as mediator for team decision-making and will influence others in behalf of the best interest of it client’s goals and objective.
Professional Excellence Corp. makes sure to aligns and integrate long term strategic development planning and day-to-day improvement targets to make it client’s projects, maintain customer –focused, flexible and ready for tomorrow’s challenges.
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Our Mission

To promote process and quality improvements through continuous changes using Lean/Six Sigma tools, by aligning and integrating long term strategic development planning and day-to-day improvement targets, maintaining our clients customer-focused, flexible and ready for tomorrows challenges.


Our Vision

Be the best process and quality improvement consultants that brings out the world-class operational excellence from within our customers.

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